For Clinical Trials

The Clinical Research (CR) mobile app for StepWatch 4™ offers enhanced functionality and user experience for clinical trials. Its accuracy and reliability mean needing the fewest research participants to see significant and clinically relevant changes in participant outcomes. Its mobile connectivity and secure cloud system provide maximum visibility during the trial. Optional iPhones with our CR Companion app act as mobile data hubs, automatically transmitting StepWatch™ data to the cloud daily. The CR Cloud processes and interprets daily participant data and provides notifications about upload status, compliance, battery level, and activity, emailed directly to those with oversight roles. The result is mobility data you can trust.

For Research

The Research (RE) mobile app for StepWatch4™ provides researchers with the same excellence in gait monitoring while providing higher resolution data, greater ease-of-use, and a more affordable price-point. With over 360 peer-reviewed publications, StepWatch™ has proven to be the most accurate and reliable monitor for analyzing gait, especially in patient populations with slow, shuffling, and/or irregular gait. The RE iPad app offers researchers an all-in-one software tool capable of programming StepWatch™, downloading data and even displaying metrics and graphs for locally-stored sessions. For more information on the use of StepWatch™ in research markets, visit our publications section.

For Clinical Care

StepWatch™ has already been proven as a tool to monitor mobility progress in patients, particularly during hospitalization, physical therapy, and pre/post surgeries or treatments. Specific software applications are being developed with StepWatch4™ to empower patients to participate in their recovery as well as improve clinical staffing efficiencies around patient mobilization. Please contact [email protected] if your hospital or clinic is interested in being a beta tester for our forthcoming care-focused software app.


Building on the deep accuracy validation of StepWatch™, modus Trex™ software and outcome reports meet the Veterans Affairs requirements for the clinical use of an activity monitor for veterans who walk with a lower limb prosthesis. For more information, including details on Veteran Administration reimbursement, please visit our O&P section.