Over the last 15 years, modus health’s StepWatch™ has been the gait monitoring device of choice for many of the world’s leading academic and medical research institutions.  With over 200 peer reviewed publications, StepWatch™ has proven to be the most accurate and reliable monitor for analyzing gait, especially in patient populations with slow, shuffling, and/or irregular gait.  For more information on the use of StepWatch in research markets, visit our home page and our publications sections.

Orthotics & Prosthetics

The newest modus StepWatch™ application focuses on amputee outcomes and utilization.  Building on the deep accuracy validation of the StepWatch™ activity monitor, modus Trex™ metrics, algorithms, and outcome reports were developed by a team with a combined 68 years of experience evaluating walking ability in amputees and build on the unsurpassed legacy of StepWatch™ data quality.  For more information, including details on Veteran Administration reimbursement, please visit our O&P sections.

Neuro Rehab

More information coming soon on the Modus Health Neuro Rehab application.  To see the announcement of our neuro rehab collaboration with the Rehab Institute of Chicago, click here.