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Prosthetics technology has exploded over the past decade. Persons who utilize prosthetic devices now have more options than ever to regain mobility and function through new solutions and advanced components.   Too little has been known, however, as to how patients are functioning with these devices. Outcomes measurement collection has been minimal, and even basic device utilization has remained unknown.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has identified this need and recently made outcome monitoring and utilization for veteran amputee patients a key priority. To this end, the VA may now prescribe an automated prosthetic utilization and function monitoring device for data collection and analysis for new lower extremity prosthetic limbs. The VA specified that the devices must be able to measure a number of highly specific metrics, as well as be validated for accuracy and generate graphical reports illustrating the required metric.

Modus Health’s StepWatch™ activity monitor and Trex™ system were uniquely designed for this application.

  • StepWatch™ has over 200 peer-reviewed publications validating its accuracy and has been the device of choice for hundreds of academic and medical researchers, including numerous VA researchers.
  • Trex™ metrics, algorithms, and outcome reports were developed by a team with a combined 68 years of experience evaluating walking ability in amputees and build on the unsurpassed legacy of StepWatch™ data quality.

Modus Health is committed to supporting the VA in this important initiative through application of its unique, proven mobile health solutions.

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