February 27, 2015 Modus StepWatch™ and Orthocare Innovations Europa™ Only Mobile Health Products Approved for Reimbursement by Veterans Health Administration National Prosthetics Program

Washington, D.C. February 27, 2015 Modus Health, llc, a digital health company focused on actionable physical activity data, today announced that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has approved the use of its StepWatch™ activity tracking device, along with the complimentary Europa™ by Orthocare Innovations, as the only outcomes and utilization devices approved for VA reimbursement by its National Orthotic and Prosthetic Program. Dr. Joseph Miller, Ph.D, MS, CP, Veteran Health Administration’s National Director, Orthotics and Prosthetics Clinical Services, Rehabilitation and Prosthetics Service, announced this decision publicly on February 19 at the 2015 Academy Annual Meeting & Scientific Symposium in New Orleans.

The VHA Amputee System of Care’s Clinical Care Committee was tasked with conducting an exhaustive search of mobile and digital health products to identify which devices meet required VA outcomes metrics. The Committee found the StepWatch™ and Europa™ to be unique in the ability to provide utilization and outcomes insight into the function of veterans who rely on lower limb prosthetics.

The Modus StepWatch™ device has been utilized and validated extensively in patients who utilize assistive technology, including among lower limb prosthetic device users.  StepWatch™ has been found to be over 99% accurate in lower limb prosthesis users in academic studies.

Doug McCormack, CEO of Modus Health commented “we applaud VHA’s efforts to lead the field by being the first to systematically collect functional data to help gain improved insight into the performance of Veterans who utilize lower limb prosthetics. With StepWatch identified as the only activity tracker among a very crowded field that meets its requirements, Modus Health is committed to supporting veterans in the use of our technology to help improve the quality of its clinical care.

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About modus health

modus health’s mission is to provide accurate and actionable physical activity data and analytics to inform clinical decision making, improve efficiency for payors, and optimize outcomes for patients.   We focus on patient segments with slow or irregular gait, in which our StepWatchtechnology is uniquely accurate in measuring physical activity. For more information visit modushealth.com