October 15, 2014 The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and modus health, llc Announce Collaboration

Innovative Mobile Health Program to Extend Proven Therapy
Solution to Rehabilitation Providers Nationally

Chicago, IL and Washington, D.C. October 15, 2014 – The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), America’s best hospital for physical medicine and rehabilitation, and modus health, llc (modus), a digital health company, today announce a collaboration aimed at deploying advanced digital technology to improve outcomes in patients undergoing rehabilitation post-stroke. This effort builds on RIC research utilizing the modus StepWatch™ wearable activity monitoring technology.

The goal of the RIC/modus collaboration is to facilitate broad adoption of specific treatments for improving real-world walking in patients post-stroke. Referred to as “Focused Intense Repeated Stepping Training” (FIRST), the therapy program involves patients undergoing stepping training at levels of intensity and repetition that far exceed those traditionally utilized in conventional physical therapy. Achievement of these precisely targeted stepping metrics within RIC’s FIRST therapy protocols is measured, tracked, and recorded using the modus StepWatch™ device.

“RIC continuously strives to help patients achieve better outcomes and recoveries,” said David Zembower, Executive Director for RIC’s Center for Advanced Clinical Research and Technology Transfer. “Our commitment to integrating the latest technologies with clinical care makes this partnership with modus health another way we can revolutionize the treatments we provide.”

Doug McCormack, CEO of modus health commented “We are thrilled to be partnering with RIC, the preeminent rehabilitation hospital in the nation and longtime user of our StepWatch™ technology, to transition the use of this product from the research lab into broad-scale clinical application.”

The RIC FIRST program builds on research published by RIC clinicians and researchers which demonstrated an average 25% improvement in walking ability in patients post-stroke who were shown to have plateaued, or were otherwise no longer improving through traditional in-patient physical therapy.   These are significant, real-world improvements that the RIC team believes their patients would not have achieved without the focused interventions.

To perform this research, RIC utilized modus health’s StepWatch™ to quantify stepping doses and to validate the efficacy of FIRST because, according to RIC, it was the only device that could reliably monitor steps in their post-stroke patients. T. George Hornby, Ph.D., Director of RIC’s Locomotor Recovery Laboratory, commented “StepWatch™ was evaluated as the most accurate step-counting device for our patient population, and often by a significant margin. It was the obvious choice.”

In order to make RIC’s FIRST approach an accessible therapy option in clinical practice, RIC and modus are partnering to adapt the modus StepWatch™ to better accommodate in-patient and extended care applications. This includes full integration into clinician workflow to allow seamless tracking, evaluation, and reporting of patient progress over an extended period of time. The NeuroRehab system will be made available to hospitals and other rehabilitation providers through modus health beginning in mid-2015.

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About the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) is the nation’s leading provider of comprehensive physical medicine and rehabilitation care to patients from around the world. Founded in 1954, RIC has been designated the “No. 1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America” by U.S. News & World Report every year since 1991. RIC sets the standard of care in the post-acute market through its innovative applied research and discovery programs, particularly in the areas of neuroscience, bionic medicine, musculoskeletal medicine and technology transfer. For more information please visit www.ric.org.

About modus health

modus health’s mission is to provide accurate and actionable physical activity data and analytics to inform clinical decision making, improve efficiency for payors, and optimize outcomes for patients.   We focus on patient segments with slow or irregular gait, in which our StepWatchtechnology is uniquely accurate in measuring physical activity. For more information visit www.modushealth.com or 202-830-1100.