Typical mobile health solutions involving physical activity have been positioned as wellness applications for the young and the fit.

At Modus Health™, we think differently.

Our founders saw a substantial need to develop reliable and accurate, quantifiable, activity-based outcomes for those with slow and irregular gait – a segment of millions of people who are the most significant consumers of healthcare services and are not otherwise served by popular, consumer-oriented products.


For Clinical Trials

For Research

For Clinical Care

The spirit of excellence in data collection and analysis is the foundation for everything we do.


Modus Health™ holds a tradition of maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and reliability for quantifying levels of mobility while incorporating the latest wireless technology and cloud data collection solutions for our clients. Our mission is to:

accurately measure treatment outcomes

provide actionable physical activity data and analytics to inform clinical decisions

improve healthcare outcomes by helping patients walk

facilitate efficient mobility programs for patient recovery

We focus on patient segments with slow or irregular gait in which our StepWatch™ technology is uniquely accurate in measuring physical activity.

We collect the most accurate data and use it to provide actionable insights that improve care delivery. Our company has developed unique algorithms for assessing function in key patient populations that set it further apart from the field.


Renowned scientist and clinician Ernest M. Burgess, MD, begins the development of StepWatch™ as part of his work to revolutionize medical research, development, and rehabilitation at the Prosthetic Research Study (PRS).Burgess’ team decides to create a “step activity monitor” to collect data that naturally scales to describe patients’ steps and gait regardless of how they walk.

Kim Coleman joins the team to develop calibration protocols, validation studies, and assist with external research.

PRS forms a spinoff, Cyma Corporation, to commercialize StepWatch.™

Kim receives a grant from The National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research within NIH to develop StepWatch 3.

Cyma becomes Orthocare Innovations, LLC with the focus of developing truly novel prosthetic/orthotic technology.

Modus Health™ LLC is formed to give activity monitoring more focus.

The StepWatch™ 4 is released commercially, incorporating the latest wireless technology and cloud data collection. Modus Health expands into the clinical trial market.

Modus Health’s StepWatch 4 is one of the first wearables to break into clinical care. The Clinical Care (CC) system improves care focused on patient mobility.

To better serve patients, Modus Health licenses patents to AdaptTech for mobility monitoring in lower limb prosthetic users. Modus Health keeps its focus on other patient populations in inpatient and outpatient care.

StepWatch 5 is released: smaller, lighter, and lots more features relative to StepWatch 4.


Kim Coleman passed away on February 3, 2015.

Her legacy is remembered with great respect and admiration. Her belief in the importance of accurate community walking and efforts towards creating and supporting StepWatch™ paved the way for Modus Health™. Her passion and willingness to provide extensive study design and data analysis support to those with StepWatch™ questions is demonstrated by the number of her peer-reviewed publications that resulted from her customer support. Kim is missed but her passion and commitment continues in those she mentored and in the mission of Modus Health™.