About modus

At modus health™ our mission is to accurately measure treatment outcomes, provide actionable physical activity data and analytics to inform clinical decisions, and improve healthcare efficiencies where mobility plays a key role in recovery. We focus on patient segments with slow or irregular gait in which our StepWatch™ technology is uniquely accurate in measuring physical activity.

Now in its fourth generation, the StepWatch™ Activity Monitor has been the recognized standard in collecting physical activity data for research applications for over twenty years. That spirit of excellence in data collection and analysis is the foundation for everything we do.

Typical mobile health solutions involving physical activity have been positioned as wellness applications for the young and the fit. At modus health™, we think differently. Our founders saw a substantial need to develop reliable and accurate, quantifiable, activity-based outcomes for those with slow and irregular gait – a segment of millions of people who are the most significant consumers of healthcare services and are not otherwise served by popular, consumer-oriented products.

modus™ already collects the most accurate data, but good data is only useful if it provides actionable insights that improve care delivery. Our company has developed unique algorithms for assessing function in key patient populations that set it further apart from the field. The StepWatch™ is an FDA Class II medical device with over 360 peer-reviewed publications attesting to its accuracy and unparalleled effectiveness. modus™ is uniquely positioned to play a significant role in improving the lives of those with slow and irregular gaits.

History of StepWatch™

The development of StepWatch™ began in the late 1980s with Ernest M. Burgess, MD, at Prosthetics Research Study (PRS). Dr. Burgess was a renowned scientist and clinician devoted to revolutionizing medical research, development, and rehabilitation1. Dr. Burgess once stated, “…There is no greater act than giving people the tools to improve their own lives.1” During the process of evaluating prosthetic feet, he realized that a measurement tool was needed to determine how much each prosthetic foot actually affected the function of his patients. He and his team decided to focus on creating a “step activity monitor” since steps are easily understood and naturally scales to describe the individual regardless of age, and types of gait. Long-term recording of steps per unit time was pursued over a simpler pedometer like display since patterns and intensity of walking was considered equally important.

The original team that developed the first StepWatch™ included David Boone, MPH, PhD, Douglas Smith, MD, Aaron Joseph, MSEE, Bob Borchers MSME, George Macomber, PhD, and our industrial designer David Firth. All are talented individuals that uniquely contributed to StepWatch™ becoming the world’s most accurate monitor for walking.

Kim Coleman, MS joined the team in 1994 to develop calibration protocols, validation studies, and assist with external research. In 1995, PRS formed a spinoff, Cyma Corporation, to commercialize StepWatch™. Ms. Coleman received grant funding in 2001 from The National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research within NIH to develop StepWatch 3. Cyma became Orthocare Innovations, LLC in 2007 with co-founders Doug McCormack (CEO), David Boone (CTO), and Kim Coleman (Director of Clinical Research) with the focus of developing truly novel prosthetic/orthotic technology. In order to give activity monitoring more focus, modus health™, LLC was formed in 2013.

Kim passed away on February 3, 2015. Her legacy is remembered with great respect and admiration. Her belief in the importance of accurate community walking and efforts towards creating and supporting StepWatch™ paved the way for modus health™. Her passion and willingness to provide extensive study design and data analysis support to those with StepWatch™ questions is demonstrated by the number of her peer-reviewed publications that resulted from her customer support2-9. Kim is missed but her passion and commitment continues in those she mentored and in the mission of modus health™.

Kim Coleman Boone (1964 - 2015)

Kim Coleman (1964 – 2015)

modus health™ continues the tradition of maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and reliability for quantifying levels of mobility while incorporating the latest wireless technology and cloud data collection solutions for our clients. The StepWatch™ 4 was released commercially in 2018.

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modus™ Core Values

  1. We are focused on growing our business with integrity and achieving sustainable profit, so we can make a difference in the lives of individuals who use our products and maximize the benefits we provide to our partners.
  2. We continuously engage in open and honest communication, as it is the foundation upon which trust is built, both internally and externally, and trust is a powerful driver of progress.
  3. We each hold ourselves accountable to a standard of constant learning and ever-improving performance as we strive for excellence, and we respectfully and supportively hold our teammates to the same standard.
  4. We push ourselves to be creative and innovative, and as a result we make mistakes; we treat mistakes as golden opportunities to learn and grow, while also ensuring that we don’t repeat them.
  5. We look in the mirror when we miss the mark or have bad results, and we look out the window to provide credit to others when we have success.
  6. We work hard to define our direction, be focused and simplify wherever possible, and we prioritize ruthlessly to maintain our focus, saying no to projects that do not move us toward our end goals.
  7. We are proud of what we do, we find joy in hard work and teamwork, and we always look to find humor and fun in our work.
  8. We lead by example, internally and externally.