Member, Modus Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Dibble received his master’s degree in physical therapy from Duke University in 1991 and his doctoral degree in exercise and sport science from the University of Utah in 2001.  He is currently an Associate Professor within the Department of Physical Therapy from the University of Utah, Director of Parkinsonism Exercise Program, and Co-director of the motion analysis core facility. Dr. Dibble’s research focuses on the effect of Parkinson disease on postural control and falls, as well as the effect of exercise countermeasures as a means of minimizing these deficits. Through his participation as PI or co-investigator on previous and current grants, Dr. Dibble has developed the expertise in cross sectional studies, implementation of clinical trials of rehabilitative interventions, and longitudinal studies of the progression of disability. Dr. Dibble’s three long-term objectives are: 1) Characterize the benefits of exercise in neurodegenerative diseases in terms of central nervous system effect and alteration of the trajectory of disability. 2) Understand anticipatory and reactive postural control deficits in persons with neurodegenerative diseases. 3) Explore treatments targeted at augmenting sensory input, normalizing sensory integration, and improving motor output during postural reactions.