Member, Modus Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Hornby received his doctoral degree in Physiological Sciences from the University of Arizona. He is a Research Assistant Professor at Northwestern University and Director of the Locomotor Recovery Laboratory at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

Dr. Hornby’s primary interests include improving locomotor function in individuals who have experienced motor impairments due to stroke or spinal cord injury (SCI). His research is integrative in that he focuses on new discoveries and on translation of these findings into rehabilitative protocols that can be implemented in the clinic. Past work has investigated the mechanisms underlying behavioral changes due to the use of robotics, body-weight-supported treadmill training, and pharmacologic agents, as well as their clinical efficacy.  Current research activities include looking at the acute and chronic effects of intensive locomotor training on endogenous neurotrophins that promote synaptic connectivity; electrophysiological studies of neural mechanisms underlying volitional force generation; pharmacological studies of various drugs and their effects on motor control; and interventional studies that employ task variability and high intensity training in order to maximize recovery of stepping activity in neurologically impaired individuals.